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Note: I’m working on getting a custom template for this directory.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner your positive identity shows up.

After signing up, be patient. Search engines won’t find your listing for weeks or months. After 8 weeks, Amy Ballon’s profile showed up on the first page of Google searches for: amy ballon mugshot and amy ballon mug shot. After 9 weeks, Amy’s profile showed up on the first page of Google searches for: amy ballon arrest record. After 10 weeks, Amy’s profile showed up on the first page of Google searches for: amy ballon criminal record. Amy Ballon’s positive identity now appears on the first page of Google for four different searches. Membership is free the first year, so you won’t pay until months after your profile starts to show up in searches.

Best of all, Amy Ballon’s My Record Now profile is nowhere to be seen for a search of just her name. After you sign up with My Record Now, your profile should come up only when you want it to. You want your profile to come up when people search for your name and the words mugshot, arrest, and criminal. To see for yourself, do searches for:

amy ballon mugshot

amy ballon mug shot

amy ballon arrest record

amy ballon criminal record

Although every profile should come up on the first page of Google searches, profile placement on the first page will be different. Some profiles will come up as the top hit on the first page of Google. It all depends on what else could come up in the search. Note that Amy Ballon comes up for a petition she wrote.

Also note that Amy Ballon’s real mugshot does not come up at all.

Your My Record Now profile should not come up when you don’t want it to. You don’t want your profile to come up when people search for just your name. To see for yourself, do a search for:

amy ballon

Search results will vary, depending on how many other hits come up for each member. So far, all experimental searches for Amy Ballon and the four search words/phrases have appeared on the first page of Google.

Membership Fee

Free the first year.

$50 yearly renewal fee starting the second year.


My Record Now Membership Benefits

Online Directory Listing

Current photograph to erase the character assassination of your mugshot.
~~~ Before signing up, resize your photograph at this website:
After you upload your photograph, click the yellow box that says,
“Continue (Resize, Crop & Special Effects).
Go to 2 Resize Your Picture.
Choose 75% smaller.
Click on the yellow box that says: “I’m Done, Resize My Photograph.
The new image should be 400+ x 600+ or 600+ x 400+ or less.
Save to Disk so you can upload your resized photograph to the directory.

(Note from Paula Kramer
My eyes are sensitive to light, so I have to limit my time looking at
computer monitors. I give these detailed instructions for anyone else
who has eyes that are sensitive to light.)

Contact information, if you want employers to contact you

Education/Job Training & Workplace/Career Accomplishments

Job Experience

Volunteer Experience

Membership In The Appropriate Closed Group Facebook Page

Re-Enter Responsibly

Innocent Until Proven Innocent

Never Convicted

Free Business Advertising

Members who launch their own full or part time businesses can do free advertising to their closed group Facebook page for mutual financial support. Members can also do free advertising on the My Record Now Facebook page for financial support from the public. The staff at My Record Now expects all business owners to provide the service/product they promise with excellent customer service. We encourage service and product reviews.

Positive Online Identity

Your positive identity should come up when someone searches for your name and mugshot,
arrest record, criminal record.

Positive Identities For Your Children

Protect your children from the character assassination of your mug shot. Giving yourself a positive online identity gives your children a way to feel positive identities for themselves. If adults or other children make negative comments about you, your children could talk about your positive online identity. Your children could direct criticizers to visit this directory to see for themselves. Your children would have a small amount of control in a situation that took all control away from them.

Support For The People Who Love You

Family members and friends you list as approved can join the closed group Facebook page “People Who Love Us”. Your approval list is kept private.

Your approved family and friends can sign up for People Who Love Us by following these steps:

Step #1
Follow My Record Now on Facebook.

Step #2
Send a request to join People Who Love Us.

Step #3
Send a private message to My Record Now with the directory ID for the member they love.

We will check each request to join against the approved list from that member.


If My Record Now learns that any information in an ex-offender profile is false, we will delete the profile. My Record Now will not refund the membership fee.


Steps To Becoming A Member Of My Record Now


You need an email address before you join.

1. Look at Amy Ballon’s profile for an example of what your profile should look like. Follow the profile directions exactly to make your profile look as good as her profile. It does not matter if you have less to put into your profile than Amy. You are equal to Amy in living with the character assassination of mugshots.

2. Gather the information you need to complete your profile:

Education/Job Training & Workplace/Career Accomplishments

Job experience

Volunteer experience

Judicial outcome

3. Have a good photograph of yourself ready to upload.

4. Create a password.

5. Sign up for your free year of membership.

6. Immediately complete your profile.

7. Double check everything.

If you need to make changes to your profile, you’ll have to send us an email and we’ll make the changes. I’m creating this directory on no budget and this is the best I can do at the moment. Eventually, I plan to have a custom template made for the directory that gives you access to your account as you need it.

Resources For Ex-Offenders
Free information for sparking personal and professional success

“The 10 Commandments Of The Job Interview”
Aliza Licht
Forbes Magazine
October 15, 2017

“Companies That Hire Ex-offenders and Felons”
September 2016

“Getting Ready For A Big Job Interview? Here Are 12 Ways To Prepare”
Forbes Coaches Council
Forbes Magazine
October 27, 2017

“Small Business Grants for Convicted Felons”
Kalen Smith
Small Business Chronicle
No Date

Use information from this page to help you win grants:

Success Stories

SMART Recovery
Self-Management and Recovery Training

Support & Encouragement Forums
Support & encouragement from people like you

“Ten Questions To Ask That Will Blow Away Your Interviewer”
Jewel Bracy Demaio
Forbes Magazine
November 2, 2017

The Tribe Wellness Community
Peer-to-Peer Support


Resources For Homeless Veterans

“Ex-Offenders And Employment”
Fact Sheet #6
Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program
October 2008


Legal Issues For Employers & Ex-Offenders

“Criminal Background Checks Policy Update Forces Employers To Give Fair Shot To Ex-Offenders”
Trymaine Lee
The Huffington Post
April 27, 2012

“Hiring Felons: 6 Rules Employers Need to Know”
July 10, 2013

National Hire Network
The National H.I.R.E. Network

Reentry Myth Buster
“On Hiring/Criminal Records Guidance”

Reentry Myth Buster
“Criminal Histories and Employment Background Checks”

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