Ripples Of Success

The positive identity My Record Now gives you is a success that should lead to ripples of more success. Your positive identity here will make other positive identities and other successes possible. Your positive identities and successes will ripple into the lives of other people.

Please help me keep track of your successes to help prove that the way to solve societal problems is to create positive identities. Raul Cardenas Osuna has already demonstrated the effectiveness of this solution in Tijuana, Mexico. Cardenas Osuna focused his positive identity creation on one neighborhood in Tijuana, Camino Verde. I would like to provide proof about solving societal problems by creating success for individuals. Ordinary people would have trouble creating positive identities for their communities, but they can create positive identities for individuals. For instance, I am an ordinary person creating positive identities for individuals through My Record Now.

I will figure out a format for you to follow. When it’s ready, I’ll attach a PDF file using ripples of success from my own life. You can use that example to record your ripples of success for my research. Continuing ripples of success in my life began when a family of strangers said one word to me five times over a little more than a year.

“Violence plunged after he brought the arts to a Tijuana neighborhood”
Whitney Eulich
Christian Science Monitor
June 9, 2016

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