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Right now, no searches are working. I’ve had problems with this website from the beginning. The new template should fix everything.

I hope to have the new template up and working by spring 2019. Will know more in January 2019.

In the documentary Mugshot, an ex-offender calls mugshots “character assassination”.

You were wrongfully arrested and you want your good reputation back. But your character assassinating mugshot is online for everyone to see.


You committed a crime, did your time, and now want to be an honest citizen who pays taxes. But your character assassinating mugshot is online for everyone to see.


You were convicted of a crime you did not commit and have finally been exonerated. But your character assassinating mugshot is online for everyone to see.

So you need reputation management that does two things. First it should hide your mugshot when you need it hidden. Second, it should rebuild your reputation when you need it rebuilt. My Record Now gives you the reputation management you need.

When people search for your name alone, your My Record Now profile should stay hidden. When people do searches looking for criminal history, your My Record Now profile should appear on the first page of Google searches. Do a test run by doing these searches for the first member of My Record Now:

amy ballon

amy ballon mugshot

amy ballon mug shot

amy ballon criminal record

amy ballon arrest record

Search results will vary. Although every profile should come up on the first page of Google searches, profile placement on the first page will be different. Some profiles will come up as the top hit on the first page of Google. It all depends on what else could come up in the search. Note that Amy Ballon comes up for a petition she wrote. If your name is extremely unusual, I don’t know what the results would be. But a profile that rebuilds your reputation is better than just a mugshot.

Note that Amy Ballon’s real mugshot does not appear at all.

My Record Now also provides closed group Facebook pages so members can support each other emotionally and financially. See the benefits list on the Membership page for more details.

Rebuilt lives create positive identities. Positive lives create successes for communities. Communities build on combined individual successes to create community successes. Those combined individual and community successes then spark success for other individuals, other communities, and beyond. Each positive life adds to this ripple of success.

My Record Now is one ripple of success, and its success will come about because of ripples added by two brothers in prison, Ricky and Harold Bonilla. Ricky helped name the closed group Facebook pages. Harold drew the artwork for all of the Facebook pages. Their ripples became possible because of the mutual friend who introduced me to the brothers, Beverly Isaacson. Plus, ripples of success came to me from two restorative justice professionals and a friend with computer skills. Ripples of success creating more ripples if success, headed towards you.

See the steps for becoming a member on the Membership page before signing up. Signing up will get easier after we have a custom directory template in place.


See the National Registry of Exonerations for an understanding of how many innocent people are in prison. Read about the reasons innocent people go to prison.

Become a pen pal to give a current prisoner a positive identity.

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